A little Exercise Goes A Long Way

I’m not talking about weight loss, or anything along those lines.

But I’ve been experimenting.

Thursday was a good day, Friday I kept up my “I’m so happy” mantra, but it wasn’t the same.  Not nearly as productive or as energetic a day.

So I started wondering what else could be affecting me.

There were several options for things I had done differently on Friday.  One of them was that I had only done some basic stretching, not my full work out.

So Saturday I did a workout (along with the matras – I’ve been keeping those constant) and had much more energy.

Now I am pretty sure there is more to it than just exercise and mantras, getting a good sleep and good breakfast are also pretty important.

BUT, I wanted to take this post and extol the virtues of getting a little exercise.  A morning practice of doing something physical that actually works muscles and gets the blood flowing  (ie, more than just some stretches) goes a long way to helping you have more energy for the day and better able to deal with what comes you way.

For that matter, even just getting up from your desk and moving around once an hour is beneficial.

The book I am currently reading (written by a doctor in India) mentions how in the city there are many complains of aches and other health issues related to a sedentary life, but where he grew up in the country, people ate lots of saturated fats and not so good things, but lived long healthy lives, because they were out working in the fields ALL DAY LONG and exerting themselves.

Now I believe in something called the Energy Pyramid (I don’t know if this has ever been proven, but to me it makes sense if you think about it) which states that there are different levels of energy, the base is physical (defined as “that” we are), the next level up is emotional (“How” we are), then mental (“Where” we are), then spiritual (“Why” we are).

What this essentially means is that even if you are working in a “mental” profession, you still need physical energy, because that is what forms the “Base” of your mental energy.  If your body is not getting what it needs in terms of food and stimulation (exercise) then your mental energy is also going to suffer.

So what does this all mean?

I have a simple solution.

Join a morning laughter group (or start one up in your company – click here for more details about this)

This is a FUN way to get the blood moving in the morning.  It is like a light cardio work out mixed with a little meditation and a lot of play.

You never know, it might just change your day entirely!

Until next time, keep laughing and keep moving.

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