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About Rob

Rob is a professional speaker, mentor, and trainer.

More than that he is:

  • a world traveler
  • a certified life coach
  • a playwright and novelist
  • a husband
  • “That Happiness Guy”

Ultimately Rob is a student of life and all its wonders.

He spent many years uncovering who he really was, sifting through all of the “crap” that society heaps on all of us trying to tell us “who we should be”, to find himself.

In that process he also found a purpose, what drives him every day of his life: To Make The World A Happier Place.

Whether he does this through speaking, coaching, entertaining others as an actor and improviser, or by writing (one of his first loves), it makes no difference to him.

As Rob likes to say: “The goal is to get people to smile, laugh, or inquire deeply about themselves”, all of which contribute to a happier world.