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How to Make The World A Happier Place

This was something my coach gave me as an assignment to do, and I want to share the results with all of you.

I had to come up with 100 ways the would could be happier.  When I finished I organized them into groups, because it just seemed to make more sense that way and was easier to see if I had any duplicates (which I did at the time).

When I did organize them I was suddenly flooded with more ideas and added them to the list.

If you want to suggest something be added to the list, please send me an email, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Laugh / Play / Silliness
1.Smile more
2.Laugh more / Laugh a lot
3.Join a Laughter Club
4.Everybody around the world laugh for 5 minutes at 2 in the afternoon
5.Watch a baby’s pure laughter
6.Laugh at your troubles (chances are they are only temporary anyway)
7.Don’t’ take yourself too seriously
8.Write a silly poem
9.Break the rules
10.Make some new (silly) rules
11.Find your inner child and play with it
12.Play games
13.Get tickled
14.Do something silly, just because
15.Splash in a puddle
16.Take part in a flash mob
17.Play at work (you might just get more done)

Altruistic / Helping Others
18.Love everyone (even if you don’t like them)
19.Hug someone / everyone
20.Donate Blood
21.Support Others
22.Do a random act of kindness
23.Provide a delicious meal for someone who wouldn’t otherwise have one
24.Help a local charity
25.Volunteer your time for a cause you believe in
26.Give a gift to someone who is not expecting one
27.Give credit where credit is due
28.Teach another a skill
29.Help someone to laugh
30.Compliment someone
31.Have a conversation with a stranger
32.Talk to someone you haven’t in a long time

33.Reduce Reuse Recycle
34.Respect the Earth
35.Say what you mean, be honest
36.Keep your word
37.Don’t judge others (or yourself for that matter)
38.Be optimistic
39.Be Grateful for what you have
40.Look on the bright side
41.Share your good news
42.Be happy for others when they share their good news
43.Spend time with good friends
44.Dream big

Celebrate / Surprises
45.Celebrate finding $10 in your pocket
46.Put $10 in someone’s pocket
47.Revel in life’s little absurdities
48.Celebrate another’s success
49.Celebrate Tuesday
50.Celebrate accomplishments
51.Celebrate everything!

Savor Every Moment (Wonder and Beauty)
52.Have some chocolate
53.Make / eat / share some chocolate chip cookies
54.Just relax
55.Take a long hot bath
56.Enjoy a delicious meal
57.Take a deep breath (or 100)
58.See the world and all it’s wonder and beauty
59.Stop and smell the roses (or other flower of your choice)
60.Enjoy a beautiful sunny day
61.Enjoy a beautiful rainy day / Sing out loud in the rain.
62.Enjoy a moment of silence
63.Climb a mountain and appreciate the view
64.Appreciate the beauty of a tree / nature
65.Appreciate something beautiful and/or wondrous
66.Share something beautiful and/or wondrous
67.Enjoy the journey

Personal Development
68.Know yourself / Find your TRUE self
69.Love yourself
70.Know your purpose / Find your purpose
71.Live your purpose
72.Know your strengths
73.Use your strengths
74.Believe in yourself
75.Be confidence / Build greater self-confidence
76.Be at choice
77.Take control of your life
78.Change your perspective / See things in a new way
79.Build awareness
80.Learn how to deal with and eliminate stress
81.Learn a new skill
82.Find support

Gremlin Taming ~ From Rick Carson (Taming Your Gremlin)
83.Tame your Gremlins
84.Simply notice your feelings
85.Don’t suppress joy because you feel it’s immature, irrational, or out of control
86.Don’t suppress or block your feelings
87.Simply notice your habits for dealing with others
88.Simply notice your beliefs and do away with those that do not suit you
89.Be in process

90.Be Active – Go for a walk / run / jog / swim / ski / etc
91.Drink lots of water
92.Get enough sleep
93.Take a nap in the afternoon
94.Eat well

Hedonistic – Purely for You
96.Dance the night away
97.Party the night away
98.Treat yourself to a guilty pleasure

Audio Visual
99.Listen to your favorite song / emotionally stimulating music
100.Read a good / emotionally stimulating book
101.Watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
102.Watch a kitten / puppy playing
103.Share a funny video on You-tube

Create / Imagine
104.Create something beautiful
105.Create a motivational or de-motivational poster
106.Take a flight of fancy

Take Life By The Horns
107.Take action
108.Challenge yourself as often as you can
109.Throw yourself fully into something you love doing
110.Turn a lose/lose situation into a win/win situation
111.Finish that thing that’s been bugging you because it’s undone
112.Never give up, never surrender – be persistent
113.Fail often – You’ll learn more
114.Fail until you don’t – the definition of success