Laugh Life Day 11

Yesterday I wrote down a word.

It was a regular word, that (in my life a as a career councilor) I write down a fair bit.  What I realized was that I didn’t really know how to spell this word correctly, I always seemed to be alternating between two versions.

The word is canceled … or … cancelled

So which one is right?

Apparently, both are right.  Hows that for a laugh.

You have to understand that I love word play and the quirkiness of the English language so any little weird thing with words usually makes me laugh.  I found this incredibly amusing.

According to MS Word (which admittedly is not the best judge of words) both versions are the correct spelling.  What I found even more amusing is that according to both words are perfectly acceptable.

Apparently the double ‘l’ version is more British, yet even with MS word set to American spellings the double ‘l’ is accepted.

Fascinating, and funny.

From now on I shall use both interchangeably, just because I can.  It might drive people nuts, but there is nothing grammatically wrong with it so I shall do it.

Until tomorrow, keep looking for all of those quirky little inconsistencies in life, they’re what make it much more fun and interesting.

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