Laugh Life Day 12

You really can find anything on the internet.

Yesterday I had a song going through my head.  It was off of a record that my parents used to have.  I knew the artist, but had no idea of the title.

So I went looking on line.  After a few false starts (misspellings) I finally managed to get the artists’ name right (Ferrante and Teicher).  Two pianists from the  60’s through to the 80’s who did some pretty funky stuff on the piano.

But still for the life of me I could not remember the name of the song.  As it turns out this particular song was not one of their big well know hits because all of the songs I was finding on youtube were not it.

I went through seven pages of Google video search and still no luck.  So I changed my tactic and stopped looking for the song and just kept looking deeper into Ferrante and Tiecher.

I eventually found a site where you could listen to clips of some of their songs.  Well, actually the site took you to where (I had no clue this existed) apparently you can listen to clips of song off of any album they have for sale.

I went through album after album and eventually found it.  Then I went back to you tube, did a search for the exact title and guess what … there it was.

This clip is from a special the two did, and has a bit of meaningless chatter at the beginning, but that is certainly the song I remember.

Again this was just one of those things that made me laugh, because some completely obscure song from my childhood, is on-line for all to enjoy.

For those of you who are interested (I’m sure my musical tastes are not for all) here it is.  The song is African Echoes.

Until tomorrow, remember, with a little persistence anything is possible.

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