Laugh Life Day 14

I am realizing as I go through this process (even if only for two weeks now) that consistently having laughter in your life, and improving your quality of life through this, is more involved that I had imagined.

As we grow into adults we have one message consistently and forcefully hammered into our psyche: life is serious.

The news media is always there to reinforce this, and show us all of the horrible events that apparently we have to know about.  There is a reason I don’t watch the news (and am usually happier for it).

Here’s the thing, yes life is serious, but serious does not have to mean humourless.  I take my humour very seriously.

Consider the following (abridged) definitions of serious from


  1. Characterized by deep thought
  2. Grave or somber
  3. Being in earnest, sincere
  4. Requiring thought, concentration or application
  5. Weighty or important

Here’s the problem, so many people out there get stuck on #2. 

“Life is serious” becomes “life is grave and somber” and fun is not an options, it’s childish.

Yet if we look at all of the other definitions: Life requires deep thought OR Life is about being earnest and sincere OR Life is about applying yourself OR (my favourite) Life is important.

Life is important, it is after all the only one we get.  It does require some application on our part, some thought, and some sincerity.

Studies have shown that people who are happier, in general, live longer, are healthier, and are more successful.

Which means taking life seriously MEANS finding the humour in it, laughing whenever you can.  So I think in the next few posts I am going to cover some ways I am discovering to do this.  Things like: seeking out the funny things, Changing your perspective on events, and finally changing your attitude on laughter.

And because this was another relatively serious post, here’s your funny thought for the day:  Apparently there is a sign in the window of a Barcelona travel agency that boldly tells people: GO AWAY!

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