Laugh Life Day 29

Last night I had the read through for a play I am doing.  This particular play is special because I also happen to have written it.

The play, of course, is  a comedy, but what most of us found even more funny were the little mistakes and flubs people made:  when someone said “prince” instead of “princess” and so on.

There was even a particularly interesting typo (so my fault) where one of the characters is supposed to say that they are taking lessons, but apparently I wrote that they were taking lesions.  We all had a good laugh over that.

Being able to laugh at your own mistakes, and being able to join in if someone else is laughing over your mistakes (assuming they found it genuinely humourous and are laughing at the mistake and not you)  can be difficult.  Yet if you can it adds much more lightness to you life and takes away the sting of some mistakes.  It is not necessarily an easy skill to master, but it is well worth it to try.

I’ve talked before about people taking life too seriously, well I suppose some people also take themselves very seriously too, which might make it very difficult for them to laugh at themselves.

Perhaps try a different perspective and start laughing at yourself, you might be a lot funnier than you give yourself credit for.

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