Laugh Life Day 35

Have you ever noticed that when you are tired you tend to get a bit short with people?  Well perhaps you don’t but  I know that I do.

If I get really tired (slightly sleep deprived) then all of a sudden everything seems really funny (usually at about 2 to 4 am).

So here is today’s bit of advice about keeping yourself laughing: make sure you are getting enough sleep.

I won’t go into how much sleep you should have, you know when you’re tired and how much sleep works for you so I’ll leave it to you to monitor yourself.

If you are unsure how much sleep is the right amount for you, here is something to try:  First you need three nights in a row where you don’t have to be up at any specific time the next day (perhaps a long weekend).  Go to bet at the same time every night and just sleep until you wake up naturally.  However long you sleep on the third night is the amount of sleep you need.

Now I know that some people are in situations where getting the right amount of sleep may not be possible (I’m thinking specifically of new parents, but I’m sure there are others too).  Just remember no situation is permanent and you won’t be new parents forever.

And for a bit of funny:  If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, and it’s heading straight for your head … duck.

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