Laugh Life Day 36

Yesterday at the rehearsal for my play, there were so many brilliant moments and things to laugh at.

I think my favourite moment was when my wife (who is in the show) was talking about a part when one character mentions that “all women are right and there is no use arguing with them” – and she was trying to convince everyone that that wasn’t really how our marriage worked.

She said “our relationship is not like that”

I said “No, no it isn’t” in such a way that implied that she was right and there was no use arguing.

Everyone got a nice laugh out of that.

Luckily I have a great wife who is very understanding and has gotten use to me turning many things into jokes.

So until tomorrow remember (for the sake of your marriage perhaps) that almost anything can be turned into a joke but not everything should be.

Sometimes it’s safer to be laughing on the inside.

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