Laugh Life Day 43

I think one of the reasons that I have been having some trouble getting into a consistent laughter yoga practice is because I have been so busy recently that I haven’t been able to schedule a consistent time to do it.

Which seems to get my into a whole debate with myself over which is  better: a busy pace of life or a relaxed pace.

Some would say:

  • If you want something done give it to a busy person.
  • The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live (Peter’s Laws)
  • etc

Others however would counter with:

  • Stop and smell the roses.
  • Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.
  • Haste makes waste.
  • And so on.

I do know from my own experience that when I am going through a “busy” time I do tend to be more productive in general, doing things  quicker because I know I won’t have time to do them later because I have so much else to do.  Yet during these times my stress level is often up and I am more tired and (as a result) often more grumpy.  Also during this time it becomes much harder to  learn new things because I don’t have the time to really devote to it and because I’ve got so much else going through my head.

When I am going through a “relaxed” time, however, I can learn new things, my stress is reduced, I have the time to devote to the really important things (family, fun, and friends), and I am happier in general (possibly because I am healthier – getting the sleep I need while eating right and exercising).  BUT  during these time I find it much more difficult to do “work”, with an attitude of: I’ll do it eventually, I’ve got lots of time.

And the real challenge seems to be that it seems to be either one or the other with no happy medium where I am happy, healthy and relaxed while being productive and getting work done.

I would love to, at this point in the post, say “here is the answer”, but in this case I don’t have one.  If anyone else out there does I’d love to hear from you.

For now I’ll just say this: Life is like a box of chocolates – full of nuts, sometimes messy and the faster you go through it, the quicker you get to the end.

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