Laugh Life Day 45

Yesterday I was checking the stats for this site and found something that made me laugh.

Currently on Google this site does not register very high for a bunch of search terms that I would love to have like: laughter, happiness, coaching, etc.

Admittedly these are all really broad terms and hard to get.  Generally one has to go for much more specific search terms.

What I found yesterday was a very specific term that had brought a couple people to my site.  You’ll never guess what it is.

Apparently someone came to my site after searching for: “Diners Drive-ins and Dives Lamb Testicles”, which was something I mentioned off hand on Day 27.  What amazed me at first was that people were actually searching for that term.  Then when I actually searched for that term on google, there I was #6 on that page.

Hows that for funny.

I wonder what other completely off the wall search terms this site ranks high for?

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