Laugh Life Day 83

Purpose is never forgettable.

Once you have done the exercises from the previous post, sit with some of your answers for a while.  Which ones have the most meaning for you? which ones stick with you?

When looking for the one sentence that sums up why you are here remember two things: don’t complicate it AND purpose is never forgettable.

When I was first going through this there were a couple sentences I tried on and thought could be a good purpose for me.  But I found that I was often trying to fit in too much and it became cumbersome and convoluted and complicated.  I though this was fine at the time, but then whenever I tried to remember it I would always get one element wrong or mix it up some how.

BUT  when I finally found my sentence (I am here “to make the world a happier place”) I was floored with how simple it was and how easy it was for me to remember.  It fit so well and it wasn’t complicated at all.

If you watched the video in the previous post you’ll notice that the sentences that are give all have one, maybe two, elements that’s it.  The simpler the better and the easier to remember because …

Purpose is never forgettable.

Remember that.  It was only after I heard someone say that that I started to question all of the ‘false’ purposes I’d come up with so far.

A final note on the questions “Who am I” and “Why am I here”.  It took me the better part of three years to get an answer that really worked for me once I had started the process.  Expect it to take some time.  Since my coaching practice specializes in answering these questions, you could work with me (or any coach who does this sort of work), but even then don’t expect the answers after one session.    In general, even working with a coach, I would say the process can still take from three to six months.

So whether you are working on this on your own or with a coach, give it time.  You will not regret the search, however, of that I am sure.

Next time I’ll talk a little more about why I chose “the fool” for who I am.

Until then keep laughing.

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