Laugh Life Day 87

I learned some funny things from Mythbusters last night.

#1 You can mail a coconut – just put a stamp on it and write an address on the skin and the US postal service will get it to it’s destination, no packaging required.  Go figure.

#2 You can stick your hand in molten lead and not get burned, provided you stuck your hand in cold water first and that the lead is hot enough (has to be at least 200 degrees above it’s melting point – around 850 F).  Again, go figure.

#3 Adam and Jamie are CRAZY!  They actually did stick their hands into molten lead.  As much as it may be theoretically possible I don’t think I’d be trying it any time soon.

#4 You can shoot a bullet across the top of a strike anywhere match and it will light – you just need really, really good aim.

Things that make you wonder – who thought of this anyway?

It made me laugh though.

Until tomorrow …

Keep laughing.

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