Laugh Life Day 90

Well, this is it.

I have completed my 90 days straight of blogging about laughter.  Although I think  some days were less about laughter than others.

So what do I do from here?

Well I am going to continue to blog regularly (though perhaps not every day) about laughter, or self-improvement, or happiness, or programming yourself, and so on.  I think I do need a bit of a break (I am incredibly busy right now and I’m starting to feel the effects of not enough sleep) so I may sleep in some mornings at least in the near future.

But I promise at least one post a week (chances are there will be more but having some sort of guide lines is never a bad idea) for the next month.  I know my time will free up a lot come the end of April and even more come the summer.

But seeing as this is the last official “Laugh Life” post I would like to leave you with a final parting thought on laughter:

Laughter is a powerful force.  It can uplift and heal.  It can strengthen ties and bond people.  It can bring light to dark places.  It can lighten the heaviest of loads.  This is what you can do with laughter for yourself and for others, but only if you use your power for good.  We can all be laughter superheroes (although I think wearing a cape might be a bit much – then again maybe not), so spread joy and laughter in the world and see what wonderful things happen.

And always remember to … keep laughing.

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