LL Day 1

Today a friend, who had come out to see me in Aladdin a few weeks ago, told me how much she had enjoyed the show, how funny I was and that she and her friend (who’d been having a bit of a rough time) had both had a good laugh and it was great way to start off her holidays.

Wow, It was great to receive this sort of compliment and to be informed that I helped to bring some laughter into their lives (along with the rest of the cast).

It’s not something that made me laugh, per-se, but it sure made me realize the value of laughter and remember the good times I had when I was doing Aladdin and all the laughter I shared with cast and crew.

I think this is a great way to start off my project.

Also, something else I wanted to share – some facts about laughter:

  1. Laughter Lowers the amount of stress hormones you have in your system and serves to strengthen your immune system.  You’ve heard of laughter being the best medicine, well for those of you who didn’t know, it actually does have beneficial health properties.
  2. The average 6 year old laughs, on average, about 300 times per day.  The average adult laughs between 15 and 100 times per day.  Now you see why children think adults are no fun.

So, Lets get to this and find some laughter out there!

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