LL Day 2

OK so the thing that made me laugh the most in the last day, unfortunately, may not be suitable for all ages.  The punch line was “But I don’t like Cider.”  I’ll let your imagination run with that.

But as for something that I can put down, last night I was at a friends house, and his son (around the age of 2) was doodling on a small white board that my friend had given him.  My friend kept telling the kid to only draw on the board (as opposed to the table or his hands or whatever else) and would draw the child’s attention back to the board by tapping on the side of it.  A few minutes later we all look over to see that the child has followed the instructions perfectly,  there isn’t a mark on the white board, but the boarder around the side of the board (still technically a part of the board) has been coloured in.  Oh, the things children do.

Also even after just one day of doing this, I have been much more aware of how much I am laughing.  There were a couple times yesterday, where I found myself laughing for no particular reason, just because it felt good.  I’m beginning to feel like my old self again.

Something must be working.

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