LL Day 3

Honestly, I’m having trouble remembering anything that really made me laugh in the last day.

Perhaps doing this first thing in the morning when I’m still a little fuzzy headed is not the best time.  Perhaps I should put some time aside at the END of the day when I can remember things.

So I’ll let you know of something that has brought a little happiness into my life, even if I wasn’t laughing about it.

My Wife got me a Dawn Simulator alarm clock for Christmas (and it only arrived yesterday) so this morning I got to wake up to the warm glow of light illumnating my room as opposed to the harsh beeping of an alarm.   It was so much nicer and a lot easier to get up to since I didn’t really feel the usual urge to just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

So, OK, not very funny I know, but I found something that has brought a little joy into my life.  Lets hope tomorrow goes a little better.

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