LL Day 4

OK, apparently I’m still doing this in the morning.  I thought about it last night and realized it doesn’t really matter, morning or evening, if there was something really laughter worthy that happened that day, I’d remember.

So last night I had the first production meeting for a play that I am directing at a local community theatre.  This play is special because it is the first full length play that I have written.  There were a couple laughs that came out of the meeting, but what I remember the most isn’t how I laughed, but how I helped other people to laugh.  There were a couple  people there who had not read the play yet and when they were scanning it, they would smile or laugh at parts.  My Assistant Stage Manager even gave me pretty  big compliment by saying “so it’ll run about three hours hunh?” indicating that laughter would add an hour to the running time.

All in all I had my own share of laughs from the meeting, but what it did remind me of was the importance of sharing laughter with others.  The company of good friends and fellows who talk and laugh is another way to get your “happy” quotient for the day.

Until tomorrow, here’s me saying: “laugh loud and hard, someone might hear you and join in.”

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