LL Day 6

I need a book.

Something small I can take with me wherever I go to write down all of the funny and laughter worthy things that happen to me or around me.

I laughed a whole lot yesterday, and though I can remember who with and where I was, for the life of me I can’t seem to remember why or what happened.

There is one I remember, though some of the details still elude me.  I was helping my wife write a synopsis for a book she had written (check out Read Novels Online or melaniecard.com) when she stopped me suddenly.  She had just recently bought a mic so she could dictate into the computer and have it write what she was saying – and she wanted me to try it.

So I put on the little headset with the mic and started speaking.  Now I don’t know if it was because it hadn’t heard my voice before and wasn’t calibrated for it or what, but what I was saying, wasn’t what was being written.

I was trying to say “Long ago, there was a …” and I didn’t get much farther than that when it produced: ‘ spoon into go fish jack wash up’.

Now like I said I can’t remember the details – exactly which words were produced, but it might as well have been that for all that it made sense and wasn’t remotely close to what I was saying.

So needless to say, we stopped using the mic and went back to good old typing.  Also we laughed for a good three minutes straight at the nonsense the dictation program had produced.

So my job for today is to find a book to write funny stuff down in and to stay as far away from that mic as possible.

Or maybe I’ll try and use it again for my sign off and see what happens …

So here’s my sign off: until tomorrow: all the best, remember to laugh, and have a great day.

Here’s my sign off (several attempts) on the mic:

  • Until tomorrow used the zoo love for you can enhance recruits did.
  • The until tomorrow all the best remember to live and have included.
  • Until tomorrow oldest member to laugh and house agreed to a.
  • Until tomorrow all the best remembered loaf and have agreed stood.
  • Until tomorrow all this to remember to laugh and have agreed to that.

No joking, that’s what it produced. I think the last one is actually not bad, perhaps that will be my new motto: all this to remember, to laugh, and have agreed to that.

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