LL Day 7

Yesterday my wife took a bit of a tumble down the stairs.  Nothing serious, just some bruises, but still not that much fun.

When I asked her later what had happened she said that the slippers she was wearing were starting to wear thin and get a little slippery on the bottom, so when she had stepped down her foot slipped and she fell back.  She paused for a moment after telling me this, then summed it up by saying “I slipped on slippery slippers”

Despite that the event itself wasn’t that funny we both had a good laugh over that comment.

It just goes to show you that even during rough situations there may be a ray of humour to be seen.

I’m not suggesting you start laughing at funerals any time soon, but if possible,  seeing the lighter side of a heavy situation might not make it feel quite so heavy.

Frankly I think having a stand-up comedian instead of a priest at my funeral would be more fitting for me – perhaps I’ll write that into my will.  That thought just made me smile so it can’t be all bad.


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