My First Book

Well, actually I’ve written many books and stories in my life and this is far from the first, BUT it is the first available for others to enjoy!

Check out my author site at: and my new novella: The Goblin King.

Here’s the back cover description:

No Goblin has been able to unite the warring tribes in more than one hundred years. Yet more and more evidence suggests a new Goblin King is gathering the tribes in the east for a war on the Seven Kingdoms of Man.

Eight heroes gather to face this new threat, one champion from each of the Seven Kingdoms and their guide through the wilds of the east. Farion Quin, Knight Captain of Lorest, is far from being the strongest, or fastest, or most experienced of the group, and he fears he may be the loose thread that unravels this secret quest.

But soon enough the hordes of Goblins are upon them and there is no more room for fear, for to fail means death and the fall of the Seven Kingdoms.

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