On Inspiration 3

So I finished the story that I was so inspired to write and, as I had posted last week, I was feeling a little empty about it.

So I’ve been looking around for inspiration for something new. I have thought of a couple new ideas, but nothing has really had that strong “pull” to work on it, so I’ve left them be for a moment.

However this morning I found two things which inspired me.

The first was as I pulled into the parking lot.  There, not five feet away was a small bird of prey, probably a hawk or falcon.  I got curious because even though I’d driven up next to it, it hadn’t moved.  I began to wonder if it was hurt, but no, it was just guarding its prey.  It had just taken down another, smaller, bird and was sitting on it.  But the predator itself was such an amazing sight, smaller than a crow but still deadly and (to my odd sensibilities) kind of cute.  This got be thinking of a character who had a small bird of prey as a companion.  Maybe they could talk to each other?  What would that be like?  Within an hour and a half I’d outlined a story (mixing it with another thought I’d had previously which hadn’t had as much inspiration, but now, together with this, it did).

The second one was a picture and a song which go together.  It’s one of the epic songs I like to listen to on Youtube sometimes called Ocean Princess by Thomas Bergersen (I own the MP3 album but when I play them like that they don’t have pictures). If you skip to about a minute and thirty seconds into the song you’ll see the image I was thinking of, a woman clothed in water, walking on waves.  This has been nagging at me for a while, there is something about the song and that image which inspires me.  Some time ago I’d come up with a basic story idea of a woman who is the daughter of a God of the Sea.  Well now I have looked at that again and fleshed out that plot, fully expanding the idea to another story outline.

So, now I have two outlines I could work on if I wanted to.

I just have to see which has the stronger pull .

But my point here is this.  Inspiration is always there, all around us.  You only need to open your eyes and be curious about that image, that song, that bird, that whatever. Don’t let yourself think that there is nothing inspiring in your life.  We encounter inspiring things every day.  So open your awareness and see what inspires you today.

If you want to know more about inspiration, send me an email and we can chat.


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