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The Power of Joy

This is a great and informative speech I created to help get the word out about all the benefits of laughter and happiness.

It is broken down into three main parts:

  1. Stress – The Silent Epidemic
  2. Laughter – The Cure
  3. How to Inoculate Yourself – Ways to boost your happiness

Here is a quick overview:

Stress the Silent Epidemic

I want to dispel the notion that “everyone has stress” and “we just have to live with it” or “there is nothing we can do about it”.

Stress is NOT good – unless you are being chased by a raging tiger.  We could do with a lot less of it in our daily lives.

Here’s why:

  • Stress narrows our focus to “fight or flight” hindering productivity and creative thinking.
  • Stress can affect the blood cells that help you fight infection so you are more likely to get a cold or other disease.
  • According to the Mayo Clinic: long term stress increases the risk of: obesity, illness, heart disease & memory impairment

Laughter is The Cure

Laughter is the opposite of stress and combats stress.  The problem is that many people have a skewed view of happiness.

  • Laughter has been marginalized and disregarded as frivolous over the centuries to the point where we have trouble in today’s world understanding its importance.
  • Yet no one teaches babies to laugh – all babies laugh at around two months old no matter where or how they are brought up.
  • Meaning laughter is a Biological Imperative.  We NEED to laugh.

Then there is all of the benefits of laughter and joy.  Why wouldn’t you want  more of this?

How to Inoculate Yourself – Ways to Be Happier

Here are two ways you can start building your happiness now!

  1. Don’t buy into the 2 big myths of happiness (I’ll be happy when … / Success leads to happiness)
  2. There are 12 SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN ways you can build your happiness:

This is the amazing Power of Joy.

If you want to know more about this speech call or email Rob Card.