The 90 Day Game

I had this idea recently about habits.

If you really want to make a change in your life, make that new behaviour a habit.  To make something a habit – they say – do it for 90 days.

Essentially making a habit is programming a behaviour to the point where you dont’ have to think about doing it any more.  So I’m going to try this.

The intent is this.  If I can consciouly implement a new behaviour pattern in my life (even if only a simple one) then, really I can do anything!

I’m calling it a game because I like that word and it works for two reasons.  One, I want this to be fun, that is the spirit I am going into this with.  Two, the notion of “being game” for something, being brave and willing, I also like. 

So,  I am game.  Are you?

Is there something you want to change in your life?  Are you willing to try and do it for 90 days?  Well keep follow along here for inspiration or comiseration and lets we what we can do.  Let’s change our lives, 90 days at a time.

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