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Breaking Down Barriers Between Work and Play

In the time of Henry Ford, employees could get fired (and were) for smiling or laughing on the production line.  Ford believed that work and play were two separate things and should NEVER meet.

Ford was wrong.

Play is defined as:

  • To have fun OR
  • Exercise or activity for amusement or recreation.

Work is defined as:

  • Physical or mental effort exerted to make or do something OR
  • Productive or effective activity.

Now ask yourself:

  • Can you have fun while you exert an effort to make or do something?
  • Can an activity for amusement also be a productive activity?

The answer to both is YES!

Work and play are not opposites, but in fact co-exist quite well.  Play is NOT the antithesis of work, but actually enhances work and allows us to be MORE productive!


You’ve probably heard and said this phrase time and time again: “Time flies when you are having fun“.

That’s right, when work is fun you slip into a state called “Flow”.  This is an extremely productive state where you lose track of time and everything around you and become focused on the task at hand.

ALSO study after study shows that happy workers:

  • have higher levels of productivity
  • produce higher sales
  • perform better in leadership positions
  • receive higher performance ratings
  • are less likely to take sick days (happy employees actually get sick less!), to quit, or to become burned out!

So employees that are laughing and having fun at work are employees that will be more productive and make your business more successful!

So how do I get my employees to have fun and be more productive you ask?

Here are the services I provide that help do just that:

Forming Laughter Clubs

I can help you start up laughter clubs in your company that will teach employees how to laugh for no reason.  Once they can do this, they have a tool they can use to tap the power of “play” while doing an otherwise dreary task.

Job Sculpting

Working with employees to help them harness “The Sawyer Effect” and mold their jobs in ways that bring a bit of flow to otherwise mundane work.

Team Building

If the team is happy in general, studies show that any given person in the team is more likely to be happy also.  These activities help employees get to know each other on a deeper level and build trust so they can laugh together and harness the power of positive thinking so they can be more productive.

“Job” to “Calling” Seminars

Great for Lunch and Learns or corporate events.  These informative seminars help employees to find ways to turn their “job” (something they do just for money) into a “calling” (something that holds greater meaning and a deeper significance for them) so they can feel better about what they are doing and be more productive doing it.

Positive Attitude Coaching  for Management

There is a direct correlation between happy managers and happy employees, and as we saw above happy employees create a more productive work force.  So building a positive management team means you are building a more successful company!

For more information on any of these services and how you can optimize your organization’s success:

call 226-789-7529 or email robcard@happinessinteractive.com