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Joy & Inspiration Are Yours To Claim

Let One of My Fun and Exciting Speeches Help You Find It

Here at Happiness Interactive my goal is to make the world a happier place.

To do that I need to reach as many people as possible.  So I have developed a number of fun and inspirational speeches, workshops, and seminars on a variety of topics.

Hear What People Are Saying

“This seminar was quite helpful for developing some new insights into myself and learning some new strategies to improve my life / achieve my goals.”

Wes Campaigne ~ Engineering Grad Student, University of Waterloo ~ Waterloo

“Well planned and exciting presentation.   Insightful material and fun to attend.”

Mary Ann Jha ~ Retired Teacher ~ Kitchener

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Current Seminars Available

Rich Life Seminar
This seminar is an introduction to Happiness, exploring the myths and the facts about what makes people happy.  It is an insightful first step in bring lasting happiness into your life.

You 101
This is a 3 day intensive workshop which helps people look deeply within themselves, uncovering their: values, beliefs, purpose, and personality.  Then we take that information and apply it practically to see how it can help you be more productive, program new behaviors, find greater confidence, reduce stress, motivate yourself, and ultimately find greater happiness.

Stress Busters
This is a fun and informative look at Stress – the bane of the modern world.  It shows how much of the stress we experience is avoidable and looks into some “zen” theories on how we can moderate or perhaps even eliminate our stress.  It also shows several other ways of dealing with stress so that you leave with lots of options for de-stressing your life.

Defying  Gravity
If you want a little more confidence in one or more areas of you life, this seminar is for you.  It looks at our perceptions about ourselves and about fear so that we can start to push past or shift them.  It shows you the power of asking for what you want and also how to program greater confidence into your life.  An great seminar to build you up so that you too can defy gravity and fly free in your own life.

All Fired Up
This is a short motivational speech or seminar full of energy and life.  It is the perfect seminar for kicking off a business retreat or event, helping to get people excited and energized for the day.  It also works well for charity events and private functions where laughter, learning and liveliness are key.

Find Your Life Purpose
This 12 hour seminar (there is no way to cover this topic quickly) can be done as two 6 hour days or over the course of four evenings.  It puts together all of the knowledge and experience I used to find my own purpose and explores how you too can start to find greater meaning in your life.  A powerful and life-changing seminar!

Perception And Control: The Choice is Yours
This new speech/workshop has really helped people understand how to take control of their lives.  Looking at your thoughts and perceptions is key, and I can help you understand the best ways to use that key to unlock greater control and fulfillment in your life.  One you know that the choice is yours, that you have the control, the world becomes your oyster!

The Most Important Question You’ll Ever Ask
This speech/workshop helps you look deeply at those things which are of primary importance in your life, namely your purpose.  Find out what the most important question is and how you can, given time and a little work, answer it for yourself, finding so much more happiness and fulfillment in life!

Custom Seminars or Speeches for Your Event

I’ve been creating speeches and seminars for a long time now and can easily create seminars quickly on a variety of topics.  If you have an event and want a dynamic speaker on any of the following topics, then give me a call to create a custom seminar just for you!

•    Happiness
•    Creativity
•    Motivation/Inspiration
•    Purpose
•    Life as Adventure
•    Personal Energy
•    Values
•    Choice/Taking Control of Your Life
•    Leadership
•    OR Challenge me with a new topic and see what I can do for you!

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing how I can help you inform, innovate, inspire, and as always, make the world a happier place.

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